Casino World Review

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The Basics of Online Slots

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S-TECH ENTERPRISES is an aviation based consulting business offering manufacturing and DAR services.  Commitment to high quality, cost effective service is at the core of our business philosophy.  We possess the skills and experience to compliment your professional team.  We are located in southeastern Pennsylvania near Pottstown Limerick Airport (PTW) and is available for work throughout the United States.  Our work is done at our offices and we stay in contact with our clients via cell phone and the internet.


Roy Simkins, the founder of S-TECH ENTERPRISES, is a mechanical engineer with over twenty five years of experience in the aircraft industry and more than thirty years of engineering experience.  He has worked with small to large size aerospace companies on both fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft modifications.  He has expertise in:

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Kit and PMA Administration
  • Project Documentation
  • Configuration Control
  • Aircraft Certification
  • Airworthiness Approvals
  • Technical Writing

Mr. Simkins has worked as a design engineer and a production engineer.  He has been instrumental in setting up production programs and has lead efforts to set up company wide quality programs.

Mr. Simkins twenty five years of experience in the aerospace industry and over thirty years in engineering provides him with expertise in:

  • Project management.
  • Product design and production.
  • Aircraft modifications, both one time and repetitive.
  • RTCA/DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 qualification.
  • Engineering document configuration control as Configuration Control Manager.
  • Strong working relationships.
  • Production processes and documentation of same.
  • Aircraft wiring and harness fabrication.
  • Composite construction and fabrication.

He is also experienced working in a FAA certification environment and has strong working relationships with FAA representatives.

In November 2002, Mr. Simkins was appointed by the FAA as a Designated Airworthiness Representative, Manufacturing (functions 08, 19, 20, 21, and 22).  In that capacity he is authorized to determine the airworthiness of aircraft parts and issue the appropriate forms for domestic shipment of approved aircraft parts and the export of certain parts to foreign countries.  He is further authorized to make determinations of conformity of parts and installations on behalf of FAA for certification projects.



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